Saturday, October 13, 2018


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(Third in the series after OUTLAWS and WIZARDS.)

They are living relics lost in time. You might see the silhouette of one in the distance, marching across the vast unknown for a cryptic purpose, or built into the side of a mountain. They carve tracts through the present according to the whims of the past. If you find one, will you be able to turn it to your side, through guile, mechanical expertise, or hacking skills? Or will it merely tread you into the dust like the footnote to history that you know you are?
Their programming is artful but never perfect. Over time, eRrOrS iN tHeiR CoDe MaY oCcuR.

You find this creation

It is programmed to

It is

It is armed with

It is upgraded with

Long ago, it

CONTRIBUTORS: Angus Warman(Spwack), Dandyman (Dan D), Type1Ninja, Twocalf, Brian Harbron, pronounjim,  GalacticNomad, and Max Cantor

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  1. You find this creation in a one-sided conversation with a dead DREADNOUGHT it is programmed to analyze its surroundings to compile a detailed biological report that exists as a rolling sphere that unfolds into an upright insectile shape armed with rapid-fire syringe shooters that is upgraded with hallucinogen sprayers.Long ago, it was deployed as a crime-fighting unit in the city of Salvage.