Thursday, October 18, 2018

d36 Automated Encounter Complications

Made this table out of overlapping sticky notes on my DM screen. It looks very janky, but it works pretty well, so I decided to automate it. When I end up making biome posts for the blasted lands I will most likely expand this further with subtables and then create a version of this for each of the biomes.

1 Terrain shifts dangerously.
             1 Sinkhole/cave-in from below.
             2  Rockfall/treefall/collapse from above.
             3  A new hazard appears.
             4  An unseen hazard becomes triggered.
             5  Dangerous weather or gas effect begins.
             6  Utter catastrophe, entire surrounding area is falling apart.
2 Terrain shifts dynamically.
             1 New difficult terrain appears.
             2 New obstacle appears.
             3 Existing obstacle is removed.
             4 A new point of interest appears.
             5 A hidden area is revealed.
             6 Hidden loot is revealed.
3 Enemy changes.
             1 Simple mutation.
             2 They use a hidden item.
             3 They unleash hidden powers.
             4 They display sudden ferocity/heroism.
             5 They recieve a boon/reward from their god.
             6 They decide to flee.
4 Wandering monster appears.
             1 Scavenger looking to clean up scraps.
             2 Scavenger looking to fight the wounded winners.
             3 The enemies' natural predator.
             4 The PCs' natural predator.
             5 A truly coincidental random encounter.
             6 The apex predator of the region.
5 An enemy appears.
             1 Reinforcements/more of the existing foes.
             2 An ally of the enemies.
             3 A bounty hunter with a bounty on the PCs.
             4 A familiar evil npc.
             5 An evil adventuring party.
             6 The alpha of the pack or leader of the organization, with their retinue.
6 A potential ally appears.
             1 Law enforcement of the region, attracted by commotion.
             2 An enemy of the enemy appears.
             3 A bounty hunter with a bounty on the enemy.
             4 A small neutral adventuring party.
             5 Friendly familiar npc.
             6 Friendly adventuring party.


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  2. The most useful random table I've seen since a long time. Rolling dices just for rolling dices is a big mess in standard RPG. It's a common beginner mistake. Thanks!