Friday, October 19, 2018

Multifarious Mutated Monstrosities

They lurk within the crevices of these lands, emerging to howl at moons that do not exist, stringing up the guts of heroes foolish enough to hunt them, devouring entire villages due to ceaseless hunger. They carve swathes through histories. Travelers swap tales of death given teeth and claws, and the stories become stranger with every telling. The tales are all true, in the very worst of ways.

You find this creature

It is feeling

It is


That can

Long ago, this creature

can be carved from its corpse.

This table was made with assistance from the excellent Goat Wizard from the OSR Discord!


  1. Oh, hey. An LED poi ball. Neat!

    > You find this creature
    > growing in size.
    > It is feeling
    > bloodthirsty.
    > It is
    > a knot of writhing muscle sinews.
    > With
    > highly toxic blood
    > That can
    > emit blinding flashes of light from hidden photopores.
    > Long ago, this creature
    > devoured a spirit and digested its essence and powers.
    > An eye filled with timeless pain
    > can be carved from its corpse.