Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spirits of the Blasted Lands

All the travelers and penitents of the Blasted Lands know to venerate the Spirits, for they are the unseen magisters of all that is. Rulers of the places between spaces, they make the waters flow and chart the paths of sun, moon, and stars throughout the sky.


  1. This is an exquisite set of tables. Really good.

    For my taste, this is how world-building tables should look.

    1. Thank you! Your praise means a lot! Planning to reformat all the previous tables to be more like this one.

  2. Very evocative, also really useful at the table. I just rolled, "This spirit appears as a jittering fractal pattern with a hangman noose. It is feeling concerned. It was once tasked with watching over an area of wilderness. You will know when it is near when written words squirm and writhe in pain. In its presence, you must never speak in the past tense or else you will be stricken with hallucinations." I feel like this would make a great adventure