Sunday, October 14, 2018

d100 Weird Powers, or Why McDowell's OSR Discord is the Best

So... I needed some little powers for a project I'm working on. I decided to turn to the OSR Discord for help... A flurry of creativity later, and now we have this monstrosity!

1 Light Feet: treat your falls as 20ft shorter distance.
2 You can moonwalk perfectly.
3 Decay avoids you, things do not rot while carried by you or when they are on your person.
4 You can use gestures and body language to communicate your intent to animals.
5 Cast-Iron Stomach: Advantage to PHY tests to resist harmful ingested substances.
6 You don’t leave footprints.
7 Your thumb can glow like a candle on command, only when there are no other light sources.
8 Flowers bloom in your presence.
9 Your head can spin around completely.
10 Can remove and reattach your eyeball at will. You can see through it while detached.
11 Can remove and reattach your hand. You can still control it while it’s detached.
12 You can intimidate small fires into going out by yelling at them.
13 You can cast little points of light where you look, like a laser pointer.
14 You have no pulse or life aura, but you are clearly not dead.
15 You can make your hair and fingernails grow really fast.
16 You have a perfect, toothpaste-ad smile.
17 Once per lifetime, you can cough up one tiny item that you need right now. It was always in your gall bladder, waiting for the perfect moment.
18 Can make animals silent by maintaining eye contact with them.
19 Can make plants talk by holding them in your hands.
20 Can breathe any harmless gas or vapor like it was air.
21 Can peel off your skin to make sheets of parchment.
22 Once per week, you can distill a vial of your blood into a healing potion.
23 Can generate an AA battery’s worth of electricity through your natural friction.
24 You can grab handfuls of gases as if they were solids.
25 You can exist in the same space as someone, but only if you have their stated permission.
26 1 in 20 people believe you are a hallucination. They will persist stubbornly despite evidence.
27 Your tongue is strong and prehensile and as long as your arm.
28 You can echolocate as long as you’re cussing.
29 You can taste emotions.
30 You can change your hair and eye color every time you see your reflection.
31 With effort, you can animate your shadow independently.
32 With effort, you can animate your reflection independently.
33 You can regrow fingers and toes.
34 You can imitate a specific type of bird perfectly.
35 When you dance, everyone feels like they should be dancing.
36 Nobody can remember your name.
37 You can remove your nose at will and have it still function.
38 You can change what age you resemble.
39 If you eat someone’s entire corpse, you can look like them.
40 You can make eye contact with someone and know their second worst fear.
41 You can view the inside of your body at will.
42 You can gain nutritional value from ice.
43 You can sweat at will.
44 You can stretch your body like taffy, but overstretching is a serious danger.
45 When you blink rapidly 3 times you can see in inverted colors.
46 1 in 10 of your fortune readings will come true.
47 If you can put on a play detailing somebody’s crimes, you can compel them to confess to those crimes.
48 You instantly know how much of something is in a pile.
49 You can, through great effort, become irresistible to bees for one minute.
50 In your palm is a bee stinger. If you stab someone with it, you both die when it is removed.
51 You never get dizzy. No matter how long you spin in place.
52 You can shoot your fingernails like darts: 1d6 damage, but they never grow back.
53 You cannot die while asleep.
54 Your hair can wrap around stuff on its own but not unwrap, it has to be cut off.
55 Depending on who you ask, your eyes are either black and blue or white and gold. It’s very contentious.
56 You can make food and drink bitter by scowling at it and thinking nasty thoughts.
57 When you get angry, you get warmer. Much warmer.
58 When you get sad, you get colder. Much colder.
59 You can see magnetic fields.
60 You always know where the nearest bee is.
61 You have true, honest to god empathy, and can accurately imagine how others feel.
62 You can make objects translucent by touching them. The larger the object, the longer it takes.
63 Fruits you throw explode with a loud but harmless explosion. You hate lemonade and destiny.
64 You can prestidigitate objects away. Except they really vanish. Even you don’t know where they go. They don’t come back.
65 You can revert to being a newborn once.
66 You can sleep in any position, even the most absurd.
67 If you make somebody cry you can track them perfectly for a day.
68 You can walk on oil-based liquids.
69 You can mix oil and water.
70 If you can guess what’s ambushing you before the dm tells you, you’re not surprised.
71 Your hallucinations are contagious.
72 If you eat a fish in one bite, raw, you get an detailed knowledge of what lives in the waters it came from.
73 You dreams leak every 5th night.
74 The crimes you commit in dreams are treated as real crimes. Run. (crimes against you in dreams are also treated as real)
75 You can slowly sink into earth or stone, but cannot breathe if submerged.
76 You have 3 arm segments and 2 elbows.
77 Everyone who sees you knows your name.
78 Your blood is ink. Ink transfusions can stop you from bleeding out.
79 You have a magic coin with your face on it. At will you can teleport it back to yourself, no matter how far away it may be.
80 You bleed small insects like spiders and millipedes.
81 You can cough perfume.
82 You can decide the state of schrodinger situations.
83 You have x-ray vision: anyone you stare at long enough will contract cancer in a decade. You haven’t told your friends and family.
84 You have x-ray vision: the ability to see x-rays.
85 White noise is created continuously at a point 20 feet above your head.
86 Precipitation never touches you.
87 You may chop off a finger to become invisible for twenty minutes.
88 Your fingers are invisible.
89 Your blood is invisible.
90 Anything coin sized or smaller that you hold turns invisible.
91 Your palms and soles are made of iron.
92 Your skin can be passed through easily; you can store small things in yourself.
93 Confetti shoots out of any container you open for the first time.
94 Your fingers are made of gold, but are still usable as fingers. Valuable, but never grow back.
95 Your arm has a mind of its own. It can help make decisions, but it fundamentally disagrees with you on some key issues.
96 You can always get lost, even when it should be impossible.
97 Your kiss is a painkiller.
98 You can speak any language that is no longer in use.
99 Weapons will whisper about the last thing they killed, if you listen carefully.
100 You can see through metal.

Made on Chris McDowall’s OSR Discord
Credits Wr3cking8a11, Type1ninja, Zoeology31, Imcoveredinbees, Tacosundae, Honest Hearts, Galacticnomad, compiled by Saker Tarsos, coding advice from Spwack
Automated with Spwack's Generator Generator
EDIT: Now upgraded to triple capacity by Spwack!!


  1. Working on this was a blast! (on Discord I am honest hearts)

  2. Thank you so much for contributing! And yes it was, I can't believe that it grew from a d20 table... to a d50 table... and then suddenly we were pushing for d100. What a great community we have!

  3. Absolutely my favorite thing we do on this discord!