Thursday, September 20, 2018

Glog Class: SURGEON

Consensus is that the eccentric rogue surgeons who wander the Blasted Lands are worth their weight in gold. Still, tales abound of mad experiments done in the dead of night, producing monstrous perversions of the human form. None will say that to the Surgeons' faces, especially when its their wound that needs cleaning... but the doubts creep in when they're under the knife, staring up into that blank, inhuman mask...

You gain +1 to saves versus disease and poison for each Surgeon template you have.
Starts with: bone saw, scalpel, medical supplies kit, black cape, plague mask.
A Field Medic, Treat the Cause
B Triage, Diagnosis
C Surgery, Organ Harvester
D Experimental Cure, Transplant

FIELD MEDIC: You can make a straight INT test with advantage to remove a fatal wound from a dying ally, instead of an INT/2 test.
TREAT THE CAUSE: Whenever you heal a fatal wound, your next attack against the enemy that caused it deals double damage. If it kills them, it neatly severs a body part.
TRIAGE: Any round in which you spend an action doctoring a dying ally’s wounds does not count towards the 3-round death-timer.
DIAGNOSIS: By examining someone, you can tell the effect a condition or ailment is having on their bodily processes, even if you do not know what that condition or ailment is. By examining a corpse, you can discern how it died.
SURGERY: You can spend 6 hours to try and cure someone’s permanent injury. To do so, test your INT, then your patient tests their CON. If both are successful, you have cured the permanent injury. If only one is successful, you deal 1d6 damage to your patient. If both are unsuccessful, something has gone horribly wrong: your patient recieves a fatal wound and they roll on the death and dismemberment table. Add +1 to both tests for each of these elements you incorporate into the surgery: anaesthesia, sanitization, traction bench, blood transfusion.
ORGAN HARVESTER: For each corpse, you can spend one minute to harvest one organ or body part in pristine condition.
EXPERIMENTAL CURE: You may combine three reagents together into an Experimental Cure. When someone ingests the Experimental Cure, test your INT. If you succeed, they heal 1d6 hp, remove a disease, or stop being poisoned. If you fail, they take 1d6 damage (or the DM can make up a weird minor affliction for them to suffer). Someone can only be affected by an Experimental Cure once per day.
TRANSPLANT: Once per week, you can spend a full day to attempt to transplant one organ or body part from one creature to another. Do do so, perform Surgery on them (see SURGERY).
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