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Dream Raiders, Somnauts, refugees from an ancient war within the dreamlands, the events of which has been devoured by History. By day, they wander the Blasted Lands, and by night they traverse vistas stranger still. Some turn brigand, and use hypnosis to drag unsuspecting victims into slumber before robbing them of their mind-treasures. Others become bounty hunters that seek their own kind throughout the dreamscape, challenging them to unconscious psychic duels.
Starts with: leather armor, cutlass, very comfy bedroll, spectacles, pocketwatch.
A Hypnosis, Dream Explorer
B Projection, Dream Invasion
C Dream Duel, Mass Hypnosis
D Unshackled, Influence Dream
HYPNOSIS: You can take one minute to put any willing target to sleep. You can also use an action to force the target to make a save or fall asleep. Once you try Hypnosis this on someone, willing or unwilling, success, or failure, you cannot try it on them again until the next day.
DREAM EXPLORER: Each night, when you sleep, you can roll to scour the dreamlands for its treasures. At the end of your sleep, roll on the Dream Treasures table (at end of post).
PROJECTION: While you are asleep, your consciousness can leave your body and explore your surroundings. This still counts as you resting. Your Projection is invisible, cannot affect any physical objects, and cannot travel 100ft away from your body. You can wake yourself up at any time by falling back into your body.
DREAM INVASION: While you are asleep, you can try and invade the dreams of someone you have met before, or, your Projection can fall into the body of a sleeping individual. Once you are in, the dreamer may encounter you. You and the dreamer cannot harm each other in any way and you cannot change the content of the dream, but you and the dreamer can converse.
DREAM DUEL: While invading the mind of a dreaming individual, you can challenge them to a duel within their dreams. The duel takes place in dream-time and thus happens within the space of six seconds. You and the target choose which stat you will use, between INT, WIS, and CHA. Then you both roll a d20. Whoever rolls under their selected stat, but higher than the opponent’s roll, wins the duel. If you win, you gain a Dream Treasure (see DREAM EXPLORER). The loser becomes comatose for the next 1d6 days as they are trapped in their dreams.
MASS HYPNOSIS: Once per day, you can augment your HYPNOSIS ability so that it affects everyone who has you in their line of sight.
INFLUENCE DREAM: When in someone else’s dreams, you may make an INT test to change the subject matter or environment of the dream in a significant way. You can continue to do this, but once you fail the INT test, you cannot Influence the dream anymore.
UNSHACKLED: When Projecting, you no longer have to stay within 100ft of your body. If your body dies while you are Projecting, your Projection persists for up to a week. Once per lifetime, you can fight a Dream Duel with a sleeping person for permanent possession of their body. The loser is shunted into the blind writhing void between realities…

1 Nothing.
2 An impossible thought that implodes with a tiny pop once rationally observed.
3 Errant anxieties that slip through your fingers like smoke.
4 Something... you can't quite remember what it is... it's on the tip of your tongue... and now it's gone.
5 Useful bit of information. Sometime during the next day, you can make the DM tell you a tiny, useful bit of information that you otherwise wouldn’t know.
6 A tiny glimpse of foresight. You gain one reroll that lasts until your next sleep.
7 A gem of concentrated dreamstuff. Unrealities and half-possibilities swirl within. Prized by Dream Traders. Doesn’t exist in reality, appears in your pocket when dreaming.
8 d100 fragments of raw thoughts, the building blocks of dreams unborn. They are the standard currency of the dreamlands.
9 A map fragment to an interesting or important location within the dreamlands.
10 A key. You know the location of a temporary portal to the dreamlands and how to open it. It only works once.
(Keep in mind that not all dreams are interesting or noteworthy. Use this table every so often to spice things up, and feel free to make your own entries!)
1 Dreamer is being chased by something that is always behind them. INT test: on success, you can see that it doesn’t exist.
2 Dreamer is in an embarrassing situation because they forgot something. Forgot their pants, forgot their orders, etc. INT test: on success, you are holding that item.
3 Dreamer is flying. INT test: on success, you can fly too.
4 Dreamer is going about their daily routine, but something very basic and crucial has become absurd, and they don’t notice. Maybe all writing implements have been replaced with stickbugs, or everyone is wearing clothes made of garbage, or dogs can talk. INT test: on failure, you take the absurdity for granted too.
5 Dreamer is having sex with a faceless placeholder-person. INT test: on success, you can interrupt and point this out to them.
6 Dreamer is struggling to help its friends, who are in danger offscreen. INT test: on success, you understand the nature of the danger.

Image 1 Source: Art by Jason Chan
Image 2 Source: Art by Ryan Yee 

-At the suggestion of Max Cantor and K Yani, removed some of the excessive INT tests. 

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