Monday, September 10, 2018


Birthed soft and glowing from magmal wombs, they stretch and grow brittle and sharp, bearing the earth’s seething hate far away from the lava’s edge. Mirages with sharp edges, dreams with teeth and claws, warpings of translucent silicate nightmares. Their bloody hungers revealed in reflections within the glass. They stalk at night nearly invisible, and hunt at daytime when the sun’s reflection across their jags and points will blind foes and turn them into easy prey.

-Behaves as an ambush hunter. Will track a target for long distances and wear them down with noncommittal strikes.

-Has 5 HD but only 5 HP: a solid hit will shatter the thing into a swarm of pieces, which retain their hate and will still go after the party as a slow-moving amorphous glass shard pile.
-Almost completely transparent: invisible if perfectly still, can only be hit on natural 20s, players must find a way to mark or stain it to keep track of its position. 
-If players shine strong light on it, they must save or be blinded. If in sunlight, it can reflect the sunlight into their eyes to try and blind them. It might place itself between prey and a strong light source to focus that light into a burning beam.

-Microthin glass blade limbs glide through flesh like a dream, leaving perfect straight sliced wound-flaps that pause for seconds before gushing with blood. Has 2 attacks, each do 2d6 damage and for each 6, you roll another d6.

-When targeted by light-based magic, roll a d6. On a 2 or 3, the spell refracts harmlessly, on a 1, it reflects back upon the caster. 

-Stained-Glass Horrors might arise from shattered windows of desecrated churches. They are easier to see and can absorb divine magic and use the spells they absorb.

-Mirrorglass Horrors arise from the broken mirrors of those who truly hate themselves. They are not hunters, and instead live to spread the self loathing that animates them. The mirrorglass shows us ourselves, broken apart in the very worst ways. People who see their reflections within will feel a wave of self-loathing and must make a save to be able to attack the Horror. Whoever deals the killing blow while looking into the mirrorglass must save or have their self-perception shattered.

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