Saturday, January 26, 2019

MOTHERSHIP Skill Packages Crowdsource

Here are the skill packages used in the Character Generator. Suggest more in the comments, and I'll update this post, adding them in and crediting you. Then I'll update the Generator to include them.

The Generator uses already-existing skills from the Mothership player's survival guide. If you make up your own skill, I won't be able to use it in the Generator (though it could still be a great suggestion).

Takeaways from this experiment:
-Creating backgrounds has shown us that it is not so difficult to build a skill package that well-represents a certain concept, but it is much more difficult to decide which class that skill package belongs to, and sometimes, to get that skill package to be compatible with any class at all.
-It is difficult to create skill packages for Androids.

-Junker: (Zero-G, Mechanical Repair, Heavy Machinery, Scavenging, Jury-Rigging, 1 SP banked) 
-Scoundrel: (Zero-G, Mechanical Repair, Piloting, Athletics, Rimwise, Firearms) 
-Space-Force Cadet: (Zero-G, Mechanical Repair, Piloting, Military Training, Athletics, Astrogation)
-Vehicle Engineer: (Zero-G, Mechanical Repair, Heavy Machinery, Engineering, Vehicle Specialization)

-Engineer: (Computers, Mathematics, Linguistics, Engineering) 
-Hacker: (Computers, Mathematics, Linguistics, Hacking)
-Translator: (Computers, Mathematics, Linguistics, 2 banked SP saving for Sophontology)
-Specialist (by Sean McCoy): (Choose 2 master skills, other skills cost twice as much)

-Archaeologist: (Biology, Archaeology, Theology, Art, Linguistics) 
-Biologist: (Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, First Aid)
-Botanist: (Biology, Hydroponics, Botany, Geology)
-Physicist: (Mathematics, Computers, Physics, 1 SP banked)
-Psychologist: (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Linguistics)
-Roboticist: (Computers, Mathematics, Engineering, 1 SP banked for Robotics, AI, or Cybernetics)
-Virologist: (Biology, Chemistry, First Aid, Pathology)
-Hidden Cultist (by Kyana): (Biology, Chemistry, Art, Mysticism) Fear effects as Android once discovered.
-Savant (by Sean McCoy): (Choose 2 master skills, other skills cost twice as much)

-Grunt: (Military Training, Firearms, Athletics)
-Gunner: (Military Training, Gunnery, Mechanical Repair)
-Paramedic: (Military Training, First Aid, Zero-G, Athletics)
-Officer: (Military Training, Tactics, Athletics)
-Thug: (Military Training, Rimwise, Close-Quarters Combat)
-Chaplain (by Kyana): (Military Training, Theology, Mysticism)
-Spy (by Sean McCoy): (Rimwise, Linguistics, Military Training)


  1. Not a Spam post.

    I would like to suggest-

    Under Marine
    Bounty Hunter: (Rimwise, Military Training, Firearms)

  2. Marine (Space Infantry): Military Training, Firearms, Zero-G