Monday, January 21, 2019


This is a reverse engineer of Spwack's DIE TRYING character generator set in my Blasted Lands pseudo-setting and using an Into-the-Odd style ruleset. Find the original version on the sidebar of his blog!

HP are your hit points. Treat them more like "don't get hit points"; these represent your ability to avoid taking actual damage. When you take damage, subtract it from your HP. If you have no HP left, the damage spills over to one of your stats.
You regain your HP after a few minutes of rest. You heal 1d6 damage from each of your stats after a long rest (night of sleep).
ED stands for Energy Dice. You can use as many ED as you want when you use a power. For each one, roll a d6. Powers' effects scale off of the total you roll.

Energy Dice do not replenish on their own. You have to find them out in the world. Some example ways to gain Energy Dice:
-Absorbing it from a thaumic battery.
-Getting struck by lightning or heavily irradiated.
-Getting fucked up by an enemy Power.
-Eating the brain of an energy-dense creature/wizard.

Character progression is made by marking an X next to an element of your character sheet.
You can mark an X:
-at the end of a session (anywhere)
-being considered the MVP at the end of a session (anywhere)
-for having the most dramatic moment at the end of a session (anywhere)
-almost dying (next to the relevant stat)
-for recieving max damage from an attack (next to HP)
-for crit failing and suggestiong a worse outcome than the one the DM gives you (anywhere)
-for failing a roll by 1 (next to the relevant section)
-for killing a notable creature with a weapon (next to the weapon)
-using an item in a clever way (next to the item)
-using a character flaw to your advantage (next to the flaw)
-doing something historically noteworthy, or that might be the subject of legend (next to your name)
When you have 3 Xs next to (something), you can spend them to:
-(stat) Roll 3d6, if the result is higher than your stat, increase it by 1.
-(HP) Roll 3d6, if the result is higher than your HP, increase it by 1.
-(weapon) Upgrade the weapon with available materials, or add a word to the weapon's name (when the name is complete, the weapon gets magic powers and/or sentience).
-(item) Either upgrade the item with available materials, or disassemble the item and memorize the schematic of how to craft it.
-(a power, trait, or drawback) Can change it a little bit, or add an additional benefit (in this way, drawbacks could eventually adapt into beneficial powers).
-(your name) Add a word to your name (increases fame/renown).

Ways to gain new powers:
-Making a deal with a powerful entity.
-Making a revolutionary discovery.
-Stumbling on an ancient/forbidden secret.
-Being taught by a wise/powerful mentor.

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