Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sci-fi Adventure Location Generator

It isn't until you see the wreck that you realize why space scares you. It's the silence. The stillness. It makes you think of hidden things, lurking things. Now you're wondering how many hideaways there are on that motionless metal goliath, storage lockers and ducts for all manner of things to crawl into and gestate. Biding their time. You shouldn't have come here. That icy trickle down your back tells you that you should have stayed planetside. But now you've got a job to do, and this silent metal tomb is here, before you, waiting.


  1. This font is perfect for this post! Such a small thing and yet it adds so much flavor to the already amazing text.

    "You find this planet-mapping scout in the midst of an asteroid field. It seems ruined. The engines are leaking, creating zones of extreme heat. It contains unstable stem cell matter that could regrow limbs, and neuron-puppetteers dance and flicker through the halls."

    I can do something with "neuron-puppetteers" >:)...

    1. Very interested to see what you will do with neuron-puppetteers!

  2. This is awesome. I tried to tackle the same thing a while back but you blew me out of the water!

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  4. Fantastic! I want to use this.