Monday, November 5, 2018

Histories of the Blasted Lands

Noble penitents, pilgrims, and caravaneers seek to build hopeful societies on hills of bones, ignoring the feverish tales etched into dusty stone by starving vagrants who only faintly remember the madness that came before. The schemes of long-lost empires still play out, warped beyond recognition by the passage of time. The slumbering prison-bodies of Gods lurk deep beneath the earth, waiting to be awoken.
At a certain depth, history is no longer passive. It infects. It waits in the dark for the foolish to stumble upon it. Whatever the elders told you, ignorance is not the resting state of the human mind, it is a defense mechanism, a mental martial art honed by generations in order to forget histories of madness and exploitation, the kind of trauma that scars the faces of worlds.

(Each variable has ~40 results, but the table only chooses from 12 of them. The number of "centuries ago" modifies which set of 12 results the table chooses from, making it seem like history is moving through different periods with their own themes. The limit is ~40 centuries in, where it'll start giving you a pre-creation response message.)

Centuries ago:


  1. 1. The Pilgrims of the Anticipatory Gutter ventured to the Temple of Veneration, in order to send a message.
    3. Gorko, Gang Leader of the Uplifting Mutants, led the reconstruction of the Campsite of Inner Strength, against the wishes of the Spirits.
    4. Siriemiaing, Shaman of the Innocent Prisoners, led the reconstruction of the Outlook of Despair, against the wishes of the Spirits.
    5. The Emboldened Caravaneers of Alliance made peace with the Uplifting Penitents of Inner Strength, in order to prepare for dark days ahead.
    6. The Inspiring Vagrants of Recovery ransacked the Desolation of the Reassuring Waifs of Alliance, killing all but a single person. Jadaking the Shaman of Extermination led the attack. Jadron the Mercenary of Defeat swore revenge.
    7. The Widespread Refugees of Hope made peace with the Uplifting Soldiers of Slaughter, in order to snuff out all life.
    10. Tactician Heridrifa the Unending enslaved the Marauders of the Gutter of Lasciviousness. Warlord Drohova the Hilarious Herald plots and schemes to free them.
    27. The Sentient-Viruses of the Subtle Shrine began to worship Yyidaxx the Fractal Dean of Murkiness, chasing the next big discovery.