Thursday, October 29, 2020

Interdimensional Voyages Character Generator

This is an HTML version of the character generator for the discord game I've been running. It could be seen as a version 2 of this generator. (Based on Spwack's Die Trying character generator. Olm and Trilobite names are from Veins of the Earth). Items have their ingredients in parentheses according to these crafting rules.


  1. This is fun! You best bet I'll be stealing some of these for Finders Keepers in Space :D

    1. Ok I'm looking at this with a closer eye after that interview, and this is *interesting*. The bonus names that are collected are really quite interesting, and the fact that all but 0.5 of them are discarded is a shame. What if characters more than one nickname depending on where they go and who they were known as? (This would makes things way too complicated and what you are doing right now is superb, I just had to say it)

    2. One of the issues is stringing the names together and keeping it all grammatically correct, since there's multiple grammatical types of names:
      -", [title]"
      -"the [title]"
      -" [title]"
      So there might have to be conditional logic there to get everything lined up to be connected with ands, buts, etc.
      Your bringing up of the tragic discarding of collected names is giving me an idea for a future rendition: what if the generator gives the player a choice between the character's collected names, and the player can choose the one that most fits the path they want to guide the character down?

  2. This is kind of fun character:
    Javico Alkuli (Human, A person who enjoys the finer things in life.)
    PHY: 12; DEX: 4; WILL: 12; HP: 5; ED: 2
    • Were once a scholar. [an ability, two items]
    • Learned how to fight brutishly. [1 extra HP, ability, weapon]
    • Looted a terrifying weapon off of a dead adventurer. [a weapon, a consequence]
    • Switch any two stats.
    • Has near-infinite patience.
    • Rage: Deal 1 extra damage, 1 DR, must make WILL check to do anything but murder those before you.
    • The pesky neutrino-ghost of a dead adventurer annoys you constantly
    • Grimoire (spiritual data) A text on an extremely obscure subject
    • PhD Thesis (data data) Incomplete, potentially groundbreaking, concerning a highly obscure subject
    • Chainsaw (metal fuel) 2handed, slow, loud
    • Sniper Rifle (metal plastic) Scoped, bold-action, long range.
    • Chain 20 ft
    • Healing Nanite Grenade (biological) Nearby biological creatures are healed 1d4 hp/round and 1 PHY or DEX/round.
    • Strange Egg (biological) Large and colorful. Something moves within.
    • Flail (metal)

    So, the character has near-infinite patience but when it runs out, it is Rage time.
    Kind of IV version of Bruce Banner. Only with chainsaw.

    I like how the backstory fits into the character.

  3. This looks to be VERY useful for Troika! characters. Or possibly for Ultraviolet Grasslands.