Thursday, August 2, 2018


This is my blog

Some stuff about the person who is also a me:
-I like my fantasy done weird and garnished with a sprig of sci-fi
-Also the English Language was built to be mutilated most likely
-People have told me not to reinvent the wheel but goddamn it my triangular wheel will revolutionize the world! They will see! They will all see

Some stuff about the projects that this rogue sentient AI upstanding member of the social organism is working on:
-Blasphemous innovative energy-and-ratio-based magic system based on science.
-Hideous bestiary of weird things and weird takes on old classics.
-Removing abstractions like hp and replacing them with horrid, traumatic woundings.
-Building a fleshscape setting based on a blend of body horror sci-fi and weird tribal animism.
-Three small adventures centering on sharp objects, plagues, and industrial production.
-Pursuing efficiency and quickness in tables and die-rolling
-Discussing various aspects of worldbuilding and game design.
-Reviewing various RPG and OSR products.

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