Friday, June 18, 2021

SEACAT Collab!


I'm joining Luka as a co-designer of SEACAT!

That's already quite exciting, but what is also awesome is I will be building an official digital SRD/companion app for the game, currently titled SRDCAT.

One of the things that drew me to Luka's design was the way it naturally lent itself towards being translated into digital tools. It's the realization that led to the creation of the UVG Digital Referee Screen, and now it's leading to the creation of SRDCAT.

SEACAT, like UVG, is packed to the brim with all sorts of interesting things. At the current moment, there are 100 skills, 100 traits, ~60 mutations, ~100 items, and ~50 spells, and Luka is creating even more as we speak. The design question I hope to help solve is: How can we refine a gameplay process that can support such a vast and interesting breadth of content, while still remaining simple and easy to play? I do believe we move closer and closer to the answer, but that will be for another blogpost!

It's going to be a fascinating and rewarding process to advance both physical and digital design together, because I think both mediums can inform and guide each other's design. A lot of what makes for elegant gameplay also makes for efficient code, and vice versa. I believe this can result in a digital SRD that really fits the game it was made for, and that allows for exploring new horizons of gameplay and content creation further down the line.

I have also found that Luka is just overall an excellent person to collaborate with, and so I'm very excited for this and for future collaborations!

(Look out for future posts on the design process!)


  1. I got UVG in an bundle yesterday; the barebones SEACAT rules in there are definitely interesting enough to intrigue me in the system in its own right.

    Best of luck!