Thursday, May 23, 2019

Beneath the Canals Generators: Phase 1

Here are the unstyled forms of the generators for the original Beneath the Canals zini.
Some of these generators are interdependent, for instance, if you set a time of day using the "determine time" generator or set an area using the "generate a room" generator, the probabilities of the encounter table will shift accordingly to suit that time and/or setting.
Additionally, the item generator allows you to "save" the item with a name you have given it, and it will then display a list of the items you saved. It's not a true save though: if you refresh the page, the list will reset. This is why I've called this post "phase 1". We plan on developing further on this functionality as the project continues.


  1. Initial feedback: Having an empty hoard come up with an error message (or one suitably poignant like "nothing but your own fading breaths in the depths") would make for a more interactive experience. Having a completely random name instead of 'Item Name' might be a useful tidbit as well. Just looking at your code very briefly, it looks like timefactor increases continually for each new "Determine Time" button press rather than decreasing again after each time-change. Unless you have already sorted this elsewhere, in which case, ignore me!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! Did a quick fix to reset the timefactor each time before the time is determined!

  2. 'Priapism Generator': A tablet decorated with precious gemstones on the subject of fire. It has strange mold growing on it. It has a positive effect on others in the theme of light and darkness.