Friday, April 12, 2019

Solar System Die Drop Table!

This is a small part of a project in the works: a small DM guide featuring shortcuts and helpful tables for running sci-fi RPGs (featuring/integrating some of the playing-card mechanics in previous posts). The goal is to cut down on prep time, if not eliminate it altogether, using smart procedural generation.
I'm quite proud of this table in particular, and, well, I want people to get use out of it as early as possible.

Here is an image of the original version, which I find better captures the darkness of space.
And here is an image of the printer-friendly version, so as not to burn up your ink reserves.

And here is the link to the printable PDF!
The tables should print well onto a regular sheet of paper, landscape format.
As usual, I'm looking for feedback of all sorts on the design! (If at some point I decide to make a patreon, this is an example of something that would be included in some sort of monthly content pack.)


  1. Once again this is an elegant and fun worldbuilding and game design mechanic. Change the inputs and overlay it on a large enough worldmap and it seems like it could work for other settings and not just space. I'm really excited to see how all of this comes together!

    1. Now that there is a stellar idea (pardon the pun)! Perhaps a fusion of die-drop table and worldmap as a commission with one of the OSR's excellent cartographers?

  2. that's really cool.
    I'm actually working on a die drop solar system generator my own self.

  3. Killer as always Tarsos. I linked some folks over here on my blog/podcast this week.

  4. very well written and explained article.