Saturday, March 9, 2019

Beneath the Canals!
Gorgeous cover art by Jay LaBelle!
EDIT: Beneath the Canals has wrapped up at $6,208 and 602 backers! Thank you to everyone who made this incredible project happen!

Chances are if you follow this blog, you've already heard of Beneath the Canals. If not, then this might be worth a read.

It started as a humble kickstarter with a goal of $200, and has since grown vast and wild with community interest and support. At the time of writing, it's at $4,971 and counting. It's also, from a data standpoint, a fascinating experiment that has completely defied kicktraq's projections.

It's formatted as what's known as a "zini": both sides of a two-page spread, jam packed with as much content and information as possible given the spatial limitations. I'm excited that we are going to see the same blend of usability and information density that we saw in Dead Planet. (I've seen the initial zini and it is damn good.)

This looks to be a combination of excellent content creators and intriguing concepts. For instance, we have a living one-page dungeon by Zedeck Siew (hype!!), a zini of corpses, cadavers, and random encounters made by a real-life possum (who has overcome millions of years of evolution in order to develop opposable thumbs and deliver you quality OSR content), a zini of lost saints, forbidden reliquaries, and ancient religions by Fiona Geist (hyyype!!), and a zini about weird and disgusting fungi by Donn Stroud (of Dead Planet fame). We have a zini by Mabel Harper about a criminal underground of guerilla artists, a zini by Skylar Wall about ancient customs and artifacts, a Swordsfall/Pentola crossover by Brandon Dixon, and a zini about the illicit wares and underground markets by the team that worked on Best Left Buried. We have art by Sinereous, Abigail Lalonde, Michelle Smallwood, Matthew Cartwright, and maps by Foot of the Mountain. Additionally, we've brought on Cassidy Webb, of Form and Void, to do editing!

And... just as it so happens... I've been hired to make digital webtools for each and every table and zini. C: So I suppose there is that to look forward to as well.

It's got about two and a half days left to go, so now's the time to jump in and get yourself a copy!

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