Tuesday, July 2, 2019

New Website!

Sorry I haven't been posting, have been adjusting to a new job and dealing with personal things. Now I get to show you one of the things I've been working on under the hood: I've made a website from scratch. It provides many different functionalities that Blogger cannot (like a navbar) and is currently missing some things that Blogger provides (like a Blogroll [I'm going to be working on an entire web page that will function like a Blogroll and showcase other people's blogs.]) Here it is, in its current version. I will continue to tinker with it until the end of time, most likely. https://www.tarsostheorem.com/ If you see any weird visual bugs, or have suggestions for improvement, send me a PM or an email. Contact info is under the About page!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Beneath the Canals Generators: Phase 1

Here are the unstyled forms of the generators for the original Beneath the Canals zini.
Some of these generators are interdependent, for instance, if you set a time of day using the "determine time" generator or set an area using the "generate a room" generator, the probabilities of the encounter table will shift accordingly to suit that time and/or setting.
Additionally, the item generator allows you to "save" the item with a name you have given it, and it will then display a list of the items you saved. It's not a true save though: if you refresh the page, the list will reset. This is why I've called this post "phase 1". We plan on developing further on this functionality as the project continues.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Histories Upgraded

As a practice exercise, I translated the Tracery code from the Twisted Histories bot into JavaScript so those of you who aren't on Twitter can experience the madness!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mothership Character Generator V2

Friday, April 12, 2019

Solar System Die Drop Table!

This is a small part of a project in the works: a small DM guide featuring shortcuts and helpful tables for running sci-fi RPGs (featuring/integrating some of the playing-card mechanics in previous posts). The goal is to cut down on prep time, if not eliminate it altogether, using smart procedural generation.
I'm quite proud of this table in particular, and, well, I want people to get use out of it as early as possible.

Here is an image of the original version, which I find better captures the darkness of space.
And here is an image of the printer-friendly version, so as not to burn up your ink reserves.

And here is the link to the printable PDF!
The tables should print well onto a regular sheet of paper, landscape format.
As usual, I'm looking for feedback of all sorts on the design! (If at some point I decide to make a patreon, this is an example of something that would be included in some sort of monthly content pack.)

Sunday, April 7, 2019

UVG Stretch Goal!! (and updates)

Lots of exciting news these past few days: I got announced as a stretch goal for the UVG Kickstarter, where I will be making a digital DM screen with some expandable functionalities (more on this later as things progress!) With 6 days to go, we are about $5,500 away! Consider this another reason to add to the endless pile of reasons to back the astounding amalgamation of awesomeness that is UVG.

Colors! Bursting! Strange machines!

Second of all, I have a new job starting Tuesday, which is pretty exciting because it is my first tech-adjacent job, and it will make some use of the coding skills I've developed while in the OSR! (It also pays significantly more than my previous job and so that means ART BUDGET MONEY for projects in the works!)

Third of all, my windshield got smashed and needs replacing, so that ART BUDGET MONEY will have to go to that first :C
Tis a minor setback, though.

Fourth, there is a contract in the works for a writing commission! I'm pretty excited because it's in an extremely gonzo setting! More on this soon.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mini post: I made a bot!

It's called Twisted Histories! If you're on Twitter, tweet @twisteryhistory to receive a tale of a bizarre historical event!
It uses an upgraded version of my Histories of the Blasted Lands that was made in Tracery, a script for generative grammars that allows things like names to be generated in far higher detail and complexity.

I've got a few more ideas for bots in the works...

EDIT: this little bot is honored to be praised by TTRPG's most prolific possum!