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It's about time this blog got an "about" page!

(for those wondering about the header image, it is by the fabulous and talented Luka Rejec of WizardThiefFighter!)

I'm Saker Tarsos, a first year grad student going into information science. I've been a TTRPG player since I was 6 and I found my dad's ADnD Monster Manual II, opened it up to the first page, and read the entry for Aboleth. Since then I've been constantly making things. If I stop, I will have broken the contract, and the long years will catch up to me all in a few seconds, reducing me to a pile of dust. To avoid such a dire fate, I blog.

-To provide interesting content generators. I want everyone who sees this blog to leave the session with a new idea in their heads that they can use in their games.
-To provide webtools that DMs can use from their phones in the middle of their games. This is a gap that has so far been unfilled, and anything that makes a DM's bookkeeping easier lets them focus more energy on the things that inspire them.
-To act as a hub for links to other great content in the community. There's so much excellent stuff out there that people don't often get to see.

-The Blasted Lands, a loose sandbox setting based on weird sci-fi where 90% of the content is made up of random generators.
-Rules (or a poignant lack thereof) for civ-building in sandbox rpg games, based off Dwarf Fortress and Kingdom Death.
-A system-agnostic module about quarantine, plague, and urban decay in a WWI-punk setting.

You can find me on any of the DIY or OSR Discords (Saker Tarsos#7223), or on G+. Alternatively, send me an email at sakertarsos@gmail.com.

Looking for a place to start? Check out these "best of" links.
-Disreputable Wizards of the Wasteland
-The Cathedral of Flesh and Bone
-Weird Historical Events Generator 
-DM screens for Mothership: Dead Planet and Veins of the Earth

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